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You tell me your budget and the type of wine you like, or even what you want to taste in a wine, and I’ll try to find the wine for you!

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Friends of D’Agos Wine Buyers Club. Our exclusive club collectively buy extraordinary wines recommended by D’Agos all around Europe, at ordinary prices – optional delivery.

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We offer wine recommendation for Restaurant, Cafes, weddings and private parties, food pairing suggestions, articles and tendencies

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Wines Worth Talking About

To Hugh Johnson, editorial adviser for The World of Fine Wine magazine, a fine wine is one that is worth talking about. But in the snobish world of the fine wine trade, a rather different opinion might reign, and much reduced idea of what a fine wine might be. Bordeaux’s left and right sides of Gironde

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BiB? You’d be surprised!

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People usually think about boxed wine as low quality wine – and they might be right most of the time, but not always the case anymore. Boxed wine can be just as good as wine that comes out of a bottle. As bottled wine, boxed wine can be of poor quality or great quality. The

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Tastin’ France ~ Dublin

Yesterday I was in the 12th edition of the French Wine Trade Show that Business France organizes every year. It is a trade tasting gathering wine companies from all French wine regions. They presented more than 300 wines, giving tthe attendees a unique opportunity to discover and taste wines from a wide range of appellations

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The Permanent Selection…

… is Gone! It’s been some time since I post here… the Permanent Selection is gone since the end of 2017! Those lovely wines from Terra Personas and Solpost… they’ll be missed! During 2018 I didn’t embrace new adventures towards wineries. Instead, I just travel for the enjoyment of the wines – Portugal, Spain, France,

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Red German Wines

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I’ve recently been to Berlin for the wedding of a great friend. As I always do when visiting wine-producer countries, I explore their wines, and although it was a short trip exclusively for the wedding, I managed to try some wines… We were lucky to have a nice Sekt at the wedding, instead of the

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