Private Wine Tasting

Whether it’s a deep red Saperavi from Georgia or a light and bright Malvasia Istriana from Croatia, a sweet golden-hued Tokaji wine from Hungary or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, a Spanish full-bodied tannic oak aging from La Rioja, or an Etna Rosso from the foothills and slopes of a volcano in Sicily, an emblematic vinho verde (which means green wine, but can produce red, white or rose wines!) from Douro Valley in Portugal or the underrated Fetească Neagră from Romania. At D’Agos, we take great pleasure in connecting our customers with esteemed winemakers through the enjoyment of exceptional wines!

Our events are designed to be enjoyable, educational, and informative, covering everything from wine tasting and evaluation to the art of food and wine pairing. You will also gain insights into identifying wine faults, finding great deals, and navigating wine lists.

Private Wine Tasting

Private Wine Tastings can be held in locations provided by D’Agos, which will be functional rooms in bars or pubs, in your convenient neighbourhood. Alternatively, the tastings can be held at your home, club or company. Wine and food pairings can vary from informal gatherings with light snacks to dinners with perfectly matched wines. Each event is fully customisable.

Private Wine Taster

As your Private Wine Taster, you tell me your budget and the type of wine you like. You can even tell me what you want to taste in a wine! I’ll try to find the right wine for you.

You can think like this: a private taster is to your wine experience what a private trainer is to your exercises at the gym!