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D'Agoa Fine Winessmall producers ~ great winesFrineds of D'Agos Wine Buyers Club

D’Agos Fine Wines (a branch of Thinen & Miranda Ltd) offers freelance wine consultancy in many ways:

  • Wine/food pairing wine list
  • Wine recommendation for restaurants, off-licenses, wine shops and wine bars
  • Private wine tasting/meetings
  • Wine consultations for weddings and private parties

Through our club, Friends of D’Agos Wine Buyers Club, in certain periods of the year and depending on the demand, we buy wines collectively, from different wine-producing countries in Europe.

Eduardo Miranda, the man behind D’Agos, has a long and passionate relationship with wines, which combined with an independent spirit, set him on the path which evolved into D’Agos Fine Wines. The selection of wines suggested is the product of his passion – each bottle carefully selected!

Some wines might be called “boutique wines”, and might suggest they are expensive wines made for collectors only – they are not! They are excellent wines, made by small producers who still manage to put their souls into their wines. Some of them might produce 1,000 bottles in a particular year, others might produce +10,000; it’s more about how they produce their wines, the passion they put in the winemaking, and what they are trying to achieve… it’s all about the passion for the wine!

From Eduardo:
IEduardo Miranda was born with a restlessness for everything I do! This makes me go to vineyards frequently, looking for wines I fell I could put up as mine. It’s a passion before a business! And if one ask me what makes a good wine, I’d say: “You tell me!” Apart from the technicality of the structure, the acidity, the tannins, etc, a good wine is that one you enjoy drinking! The technicality can help a bit, and even suggest some food pairing, or ageing potential, but in the end, your pleasure is the most import thing when looking for a good wine. And you can call me your personal wine-taster! You tell me in your best words which kind of wine you are looking for, your budget, and I’ll find you your wine!

Eduardo Miranda
Wine is the answer! What was the question?