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The Permanent Selection…

… is Gone!

It’s been some time since I post here… the Permanent Selection is gone since the end of 2017! Those lovely wines from Terra Personas and Solpost… they’ll be missed!

During 2018 I didn’t embrace new adventures towards wineries. Instead, I just travel for the enjoyment of the wines – Portugal, Spain, France, Italy… my classic route.

Last year I spent more time in Portugal, so I had the chance to get into the Portuguese mood – with all that blues fado as a plus! As D’Agos Fine Wines is not trading anymore, yet Friends of D’Agos Wine Buyers Club can dig into some lovely wines and find real good deals for the Club! Here are some:

Mula Velha Reserva
– Made from Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz and Syrah, this vivid rubi colour wine has intense red berries aromas with a hint of wood, and quite bodied palate. It might go well with hard cheese, and red meet. Might be drunk now or kept for up to 3 years.

Vinha Da Valentina Premium – This awarded wine made of Syrah, Aragonês, Castelão & Alicante Bouschet grapes, has a deep dark red colour and an aroma well conjugated with the wood, showing notes of compote and very mature red fruits. It took fermentation in stainless steel tanks and staged for 12 months in new French and American oak barrels.

This Pera Doce Premium from Alentejo was vinified in small stainless steel vats, and after the malolactic fermentation, rested for 8 months in French oak barrels. The blend of Syrah, Trincadeira, Aragonês and Alicante Bouschet grapes gives this wine a ruby red colour with lovely notes of oak, with a full-bodied and long finishing palate.

This is just a sample of the 12 different wines I found for the club… and all at €4,99 or bellow – plus freight!

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EU Excise Rates and VAT on Wine

Country Still wine Sparkling VAT
Austria Nil Nil 20.00%
Belgium €0.43 €1.46 21.00%
Bulgaria Nil Nil 20.00%
Cyprus Nil Nil 19.00%
Czech Republic Nil €0.68 21.00%
Denmark €1.11 €1.43 25.00%
Estonia €0.61 €0.61 20.00%
Finland €2.54 €2.54 24.00%
France €0.03 €0.07 20.00%
Germany Nil €1.02 19.00%
Greece Nil Nil 23.00%
Hungary Nil €0.42 27.00%
Ireland €3.19 €6.71 23.00%
Italy Nil Nil 22.00%
Latvia €0.48 €0.48 21.00%
Lithuania €0.43 €0.43 21.00%
Luxembourg Nil Nil 15.00%
Malta Nil Nil 18.00%
Netherlands €0.66 €1.91 21.00%
Poland €0.28 €0.28 23.00%
Portugal Nil Nil 13.00%
Romania Nil €0.26 24.00%
Slovakia Nil €0.60 20.00%
Slovenia Nil Nil 22.00%
Spain Nil Nil 21.00%
Sweden €2.01 €2.01 25.00%
UK €2.51 €3.21 20.00%


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How does your wine taste?

How does your wine taste?

How does your wine taste?

Browsing the weekend newspapers while sipping a glass of wine is my Sunday afternoons’ luxury pleasure. I say luxury because I rarely managed to have the time to do it… but today I did!

There are a lot of politics lately, as we are a few days from the elections. Among all the regulars, I found an interesting article about how the wine taste for those uninitiated.

This wine tastes like… wine!

It reminded me of my early days, when all I had was curiosity and perseverance, the latter made me go a little beyond the wine taste of wine. Many might be happy with that. They just want a wine that smells good, tastes good and they can afford.

As I say in another article, Life is too short…, this might be no problem at all, but there’s a fourth element to this trio, which is whether the memory of a wine remains when you put the glass down. If it does, it means that it’s probably a good wine, but it also means that you might be in the right direction towards become a connoisseur!

You’ve started to pay attention beyond the glass, and you are focusing on what you are tasting. If you dig deeper, with no time you’ll be noting fruits and flowers, minerals and vegetables, oak and spices in your glass, among other particularities.

With no doubt, a better understanding of wines will bring you enhancement of enjoyment.