La Maldita Garnacha 2022

La Maldita is a wine that celebrates the heritage of Garnacha in Rioja, traditionally the second most planted grape variety in the region. Because of the difficulty of producing high-quality Garnacha in Rioja, locals have referred to the grape as la maldita (the cursed one). This is due to low yields and a lack of profitability, which has led many growers to uproot their vineyards and re-plant them with less demanding varietals. La Maldita wine aims to prove that outstanding Garnacha can be made in Rioja!

The grapes used to make La Maldita are sourced from old-vine, high altitude vineyards planted on pure gravel soils. Garnacha is a versatile grape that can produce fresh, fine, delicate wines, particularly when sourced from old vines or specific plots. Latitude and altitude are key factors in terms of performance, with a slower, more balanced grape-ripening process in Rioja.

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