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Nietro 2011

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NietroA wine with character, with excellent value for money, it offers all the fruitiness of Garnacha old vines and transmits all the “terroir”.

In the glass, Nietro wears a cherry color, bright, clean, dense tear but medium-high. The first impact nose tells us that this is a wine with character: it is fresh, clean, Mediterranean, with spicy and black pepper. Attracts. With aeration aromatic drink increases its density, is opening gently, offering sweet notes of ginger, juniper … – Has a touch of Christmas! – Graphite mineral notes and subtle hints about parenting. All very well integrated and essentially and above all, a red fruit (cassis) and fresh.

His entry into greedy mouth, with volume, according to the nose but with a point of warmth. It is powerful, with notes of undergrowth, a gentle presence of tannin structure and maintaining promises a good performance, and a predominantly red fruit. It is soft and creamy. It enjoys.

Nietro leaves a good taste, is long and slightly bitter in the aftertaste, something that should not be associated with unpleasant, simply lengthens its persistence. Alcohol is well integrated and gives us a very good feeling of freshness on your end. To repeat.

Nietro is made ​​from old vines of Grenache, with a mean age of 40 years, grown at 950 meters above ground slate, in the municipalities of Castejón of Alarba, Alarba and Acered. Their name, Nietro, comes from a old unit of measurement equivalent to 16 wine jugs or 160 liters.

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