Tasting Monterucco Riesling 08

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Tasting Monterucco Riesling 08

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The Wine:
Produced by Monterucco, this 2008 wine is made from Riesling Italico, a high-yielding grape in northeast Italy. In most cases, it produces fairly bland wines. At its best, it delivers light wines with pronounced flowery aromas. It’s produced in the DOC Oltrepò Pavese, It has 12,5% alcohol.

In the eye:
Nice goldish-yellowish color, quite different from the regular Rieslings.

On the nose:
Pineapple pops-up almost immediately, followed by compote, honey, floral, and something veggie – lovely!

On the mouth:
Low tannins and less acidity then it should be, but the pineapples and the green apples are all there! It got a bit sour in the end, but even though it just highlighted a subtle honeyed after taste.

I found this an interesting wine, with such complexity on the nose and mouth. Very good, if not outstanding when considering the QPR. EM90/100!

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